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New Features Coming.

Posted by fr3nch13 on August 9, 2007

I have a few new features coming to Bill Bugger:

  • The first would be RSS Feeds of your unpaid payments. This way you don’t have to visit the site directly to access you list of payments.
  • Second would be a Yahoo Widget that will take advantage of the rss feeds mentioned above.
  • Third will be the OS X Dashboard Widget which will also take advantage of the rss feeds.
  • Forth will be an iPhone widget (i own one, so i’m allowed :-p ). This will basically be a page on the site that will be formatted to work with the iPhone.
  • Fifth will be an integration with iCal/Outlook calendars.

If you have any more ideas, please go over to the bug/requests page and submit your ideas.


2 Responses to “New Features Coming.”

  1. felicia0923 said

    Hey let me just say that I think that this website is a fantastic idea, especially that it is free! I’m planning on using the Yahoo widget to keep it displayed on my desktop! I just have seen one flaw, is that I don’t think you can make your bills carry over to the next month and so on. I really think this would be helpful, because I don’t think people want to come in every month to reenter their bills. I just think it would make it a lot easier. If that feature passed by me without me seeing it, I’m sorry. ~Felicia~

  2. billbugger said

    Thank you for the input. I am in the process of creating recurring billing. It should be available by the end of the month.

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