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Initial Launch

Posted by fr3nch13 on August 9, 2007

Well I have officially launched the beta version of Bill Bugger! This is Version 1.0. I have done as much testing as one person can do with this site.  The initial launch seems to have gone off without a hitch.

First I would like to give thanks and praise to CakePHP. The website is built on the amazing frameworks they have created and are continually making better. Their community of developers are very helpful and are consistently creating tutorials for the framework.

Bill Bugger is a free service and i am taking a different approach to this website vs. the others that are out there. Basically i would like as much involvement with the people using the site as possible. So if your using the site, please submit any bugs you may fined as well as any feature requests you can think of the make the website better. If you know of a bug or have an idea, please visit the bug/request page and submit them.

Also, if you like this site, please tell your friends!




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